Enhance your stay at the Canon del Rio with any of our beneficial  Spa  treatments. We offer 2 spacious spa rooms surrounded by Jemez Valley mesas , relaxing river , professional and multi-talented spa personnel.

If you seek visions of  Earthly delights & blue skies this is the place to enhance your journey in the Jemez mountains. Our Del Rio Spa treatments will help to melt your cares away.

All of our products are natural and may be hypo-allergenic..

Couples welcomed for duet treatments.  We will be glad to further explain any of our treatments and how to suit them to your individual needs.

* Please call to book  your  Spa reservation.

 We thank you and look forward to having you stay with us, or a day pass visit.
Canon del Rio  575.829.4377



Spa Hours: 11 am- 6 pm Public
10am- 7pm
Overnight Guests Daily

We offer a day pass for use of sauna, hot-tub spa and river grounds with any SPA treatment  per person.*Pool open during warm weather only.




* Please call to book  your  Spa reservation.



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The Del Rio Massage  30, 60 or 90 min.*

Relax, refresh, renew with a Del Rio Massage. Our multi-talented licensed massage therapists are here to give you an individually created treatment. 

Let us pamper you while the river and mesas enhance this very Jemez Valley experience. $43, $75 or $119

The Jemez Hydration Wrap 60 min.*

We begin with a classic and invigorating Dry Brush Exfoliation! Your therapist then massages your entire body with a luxurious hydrating balm blended with Echinacea, Fig, Vanilla Soybean and Safflower Oils. You will then be wrapped in the healing balm for 15 minutes followed by a 30 minute hydration massage.$98

Deep in the Rio Massage 60 or 90 min.*

 For the best way to focus on particular areas of concern a Deep Rio Massage is for you. This treatment allows the therapist to spend time on specific areas utilizing a variety of modalities: Trigger Point, Myo Facial, Sports and Asian techniques to work deep into the muscles to help relieve pain in problem sites.$95 or $145

 Exfoliation Salt Glow 30 min.*

  This exceptional skin exfoliation combines brisk massage & warm oil blended with  a  sea salt blend it will leave your skin smooth, silky and glowing. Now this is truly pampering! n excellent add on to a one hour massage. Ask for complimentary aroma-therapy oils to add to this experience.  $49

 Mountain Mud Wrap  60 min.* 

 Warm & Hydrating  French Red Mud, a vista like no other and you have  our Mountain Mud Wrap!

Your therapist begins with a "Dry Brush Exfoliation" to prepare the skin for the warm red mud inspired by the earth around us. This is an effective antioxidant,  anti-aging , hydrating process. Next, your body is enveloped in warm blankets while your scalp is gently massaged with hair and scalp serum.

Finally...after showering...a mini-massage relieving, skin dryness, softened skin and general peace of mind and body.$119

  The 5 Extensions 90 min.*

Take the best care of your legs/feet - arms/hands - head/scalp. This is an amazing way to nourish and release tension from the most utilized parts of your body with a combo of cranial-sacral, reflexology and body massage treatments.

Excellent for even the most discreet client.$109

River Stone for Feet 30 min or 60 min *

 30 minutes of Deep therapeutic love for your Feet, close your eyes and take your lower legs on a relieving journey. Your therapist will use hot, warm and cold stones to deeply massage your feet and calves for great pain relief.

Healing oils and aromatherapy of your choice a perfect way to begin or end your day in Jemez Springs $55 or $75

Soothing Stone Massage 90 min.*

It is believed that the energy of the Earth is stored within its stones. In this treatment hot or cold stones are positioned on the energy centers of the body to relax & relieve tension. Your massage therapist skillfully utilizes the stones during this deep massage.$125

Jemez Feet Retreat 30 or 60 min.*

Your feet deserve pampering and care. This process exfoliates, replenishes, softens  skin & stimulates circulation. We begin with a therapeutic salt exfoliation, cleansing with warm moist towels followed by a reflexology massage with an invigorating healing foot lotion. $40 or $75

The Simplicity Face Treatment 30 min.*

Your face will love this treatment! It includes a gentle face cleansing, toning and warm Earthen Mud mask. finally, an Acupressure massage. These modalities assist in lifting and firming the face while refreshing and renewing your skin.$59

Scalp Massage 30 min.*

 This deeply relaxing treatment is a wonderful addition to our Del Rio Massage or Mountain Mud Wrap. This massage will stimulate circulation, hydrate and nourish the scalp and hair and leave the hair with a healthy sheen.$42

Our soaps, lotions, candles and room diffusers locally made.



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